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An Adventure to my PhD degree with ACEMFS

My quest of getting admission at Federal University of Technology Mina; through the World Bank sponsored program named as; Africa Centre of Excellence in Mycotoxin and Food Safety(ACEMFS) was a blessing from Allah and the Centre leader; Professor Antony Makun, but these had also brought in so many challenges that appears undesirable with my expectation, to mentioned few of these challenges were; the self-sponsoring of my online classes, sampling collection and travelling risk taking and my internship exercise, since 2020 to 2023; amidst the pandemic and economic downturn in my country, it was painful more so when I am on study leave and being a family man with my wife and four children.
With great impetus in feeling when ACEMFS decided to approved my traveling for my laboratory proceedings; got me so happy and made me re-fixed in my expectation of hopes for a real completion of my program and increased of confidences that my expenses shall be reimbursed; only to be on waiting again and apparently; I have only received my sampling expenses on low budgeting, but still yet to receive my internship money and the two years backlog of scholarship expenses.
However, despite all the trails I that have gone through; I appreciate of being a student of FUTMINNA and a beneficiary of the ACEMFS with great passion to complete my PhD studies so that I can extend my knowledge on Food Safety in West Africa and my country Sierra Leone, since amongst the Sub-Saharan Africa countries; Sierra Leone classed as the most vulnerable nations with no analytical data on toxic heavy metals and Mycotoxin contaminants in our staple food called Rice.
Finally; I am still optimistic with the leadership of ACEMFS; that him and his team are worth with the task of delivering the objectives of the World Bank and I expect the leadership of FUTMINNA to provide ACEMFS with the support that would make them impact the Sustainable Development Agenda in training Food Safety Scientist across Africa on a real and justifiable manner.

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