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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay Admission Acceptance Fee for undergraduate

Undergraduate Acceptance Fee & Registration Details.

After you have printed your admission letter from JAMB site, Reprint FUTMINNA admission status to get  student ID.

How to reprint FUTMINNA Admission Status Letter

Click on the 2023/2024 ADMISSION STATUS Link to Print/Reprint your admission letter, so that you can retrieve your STUDENT ID.

How to pay acceptance fee

  1. Click on the link below to continue to the Acceptance Fee Payment page (eportal Page)
  2. Click on the Link ‘Request for new Password’ on the Login page.
  3. Enter your STUDENT ID
  4. Click the ‘Submit’ button
  5. A page is displayed, showing the email created for you by the University.
    Note: To Access your school email website click the link below:
  6. Enter your school email and your password.
    (Note: Your Password is your JAMB Registration Number).
  7. The system will prompt you to change your password.
    (Note: Ensure you use a Password that you can remember!)
  8. Click on the inbox to retrieve the eportal password sent to your email.
    (Note: If there is no password in the inbox, check the Spam folder for the password)
  9. Click on the link below to continue to the Acceptance Fee Payment page.
  10. Enter your Student ID and the eportal passwordfrom the email.
  11. Click on the Login button
  12. Your Portal page will be displayed showing your record.
  13. Update Personal Record and continue
  14. Click on the Acceptance Fee menu on the left pane.
  15. Select payment option and click on submit button to complete the FUTMINNA acceptance fee payment. 
    Note: In case you are having difficulty paying with your Debt Card, Try Transfer Payment Option.
  16. Also, Payment can be done at the bank using generated RRR on the screen, and then return to the portal to re-query the RRR you picked.
  17. Continue with the registration below once the payment is successful.



How to perform Academic Clearance and Pay Registration Fees

Academic Clearance and Payment of Registration Fees

  1. Log in to your ‘e-portal’ using Student ID and Password
  2. Click on ‘Biodata Records’ to fill in your personal data
  3. Click on ‘Admission Credentials’to upload credentials
  4. Enter your examination details.
  5. Candidates with two sittings should enter the combination of the sittings on the seven (7) result boxes provided
  6. All Direct Entry candidates should do the same as in 6 above and enter higher education records
  7. Upload scanned documents of the following credentials (Guarantor/Referee, Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age, First O’level Result, Second O’level Result (Optional), Evidence of Name (in case of change of name), Signature, State of Origin).


  1. Ensure that your scanned documents for upload are in jpeg or jpg format.
  2. The Dimension for signature must be 150(height) x 170(width) pixels
  3. The Dimension for other documents must be 500(width) x 680(height) pixels
  4. Click on ‘Submit Academic Records’ button to submit your data.
    Ensure you always log in to check your status, whether it changes to Cleared or Rejected. If cleared, proceed to payment stage but if rejected, read the reason(s) for rejection.

Forgotten password (e-Portal/e-Result)


  • Go to e-Portal.
  • Click on Request for New Password
  • Enter your Student ID and click on View button to proceed.
  • Confirm student information
  • Click submit button to receive your new password in your university mailbox.

Retrieve University mail


  • Visit Information Technology services at Gidan kwano campus with your valid student ID to reset your password.

Unsuccessful Payment


  • If you have been debited go back to your portal and click re-query link on the transaction.
  • If the payment is still unsuccessful, login to your email and print the remittance receipt.
  • Take the remittance receipt to student account in bursary unit to confirm the payment.
  • Bring the confirmed payment receipt to Information Technology Services.

Forgot CODEL login credentials

Visit CODEL office in Gidan Kwano Campus for the details

How to access eLearning Platform

 1.⁠ ⁠Visit
 2.⁠ ⁠Click Menu
 3.⁠ ⁠Click Portal
 4.⁠ ⁠Click e-Learning
 5.⁠ ⁠On the e-Learning portal click login button
 6.⁠ ⁠Input your username and login
 7.⁠ ⁠Then login