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Student Support Unit

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This a Unit under the office of the Vice-Chancellor. The Unit offers services that have bearing on the learning environment and general well-being of students. It is link between student and other service departments in the University thereby serving as the troubleshooter to every challenge a student may face.


The objectives of the Student Support Services Policy include;

  1. The promotion of a quality learning environment so that students are able to perform to the best of their ability;
  2. Ensuring that students treat staff and their fellow students with courtesy, respect and care;
  3. Provision of eligibility requirements and criteria for receiving assistance from the University;
  4. Development of sound character in the students of the University;
  5. Acquisition of skills by the students for academic and post-academic life;
  6. Creation of a work study support for the students



The student support services is to assist students to achieve their desired goals in the academic environment leading to improving students employability and entrepreneurship skills


To help the students bring out the capabilities, potentials and talents in them. To assist the students to develop sound character in the university. To help the students acquire necessary skills required for academic excellence and healthy living To ensure that the academic environment is a conducive place for the students.

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The areas of support services include:

  1. Academic Support Services
  2. Financial Support Services
  3. Wellbeing/ Health Support Services
  4. Training Support Services
  5. Career support services
  6. Support for Physically Challenged Students
  7. Social Counselling Support Services


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