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Statistics Department

Statistics Department

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science was established in 1984 to offer B.Tech degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. In 1991/1992 academic session, Statistics with Computer Science programme was introduced which was suspended in 1998 due to lack of manpower. The full- fledged Department of Statistics was approved at the 387th Senate meeting held on 17th September, 2014. Dr. Audu Isah was appointed as the pioneer Head of Department on 1st October, 2015.. The degree structure and course contents are based on NUC requirements of the Basic Minimum Academic Standard (BMAS).

The programme aspires to raise the Statistics capabilities of the students so that they would able explore and effectively transform the natural resources of their environments into goods and services.

Specifically, the programme aspires to nurture to maturity and excellence students who would be researchers/operators in the field of statistics. The graduates should be employable in any part of the world bearing in mind the current trend of globalization especially relevant to the field of statistics.



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To be a leading academic department of excellence that will train students who will apply information technology in the field of Statistics for learning and research.

To produce highly motivated and enterprising graduates with up-to-date knowledge and skills in statistics for research and application purposes.