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102 Inaugural Lecture: Prof Olayiwola Stresses Importance Of Fluid Dynamics

Federal University of Technology Minna > Blog > 102 Inaugural Lecture: Prof Olayiwola Stresses Importance Of Fluid Dynamics

Prof. Rasaq Oyeyemi Olayiwola of the Department of Mathematics, Federal University of Technology, Minna has stressed the importance of fluid dynamics to physics and life in general.

The don stated this when he delivered the 102nd inaugural lecture of the University titled, ” Fluid Dynamics, Combustion Theory and Mathemati[1]cal Modelling: Contributions from Behind Closed Doors ” on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at the University Auditorium, Main Campus.

“It takes a little more than a brief look around for one to recognize that fluid dynamics is one of the most important areas of physics and life would not exist without fluids and without the behaviour that fluids exhibit,” he asserted.

Prof. Olayiwola stressed that the air we breathe and the water we drink are fluids as motion of air keeps us comfortable in a warm room and air provides the oxygen we need to sustain life. “Most of our body fluid are water based and proper motion of these fluids within our bodies even down to the cellular level is essential to good health, “he reiterated.

The Professor of Mathematics provided specific examples from both the pure sciences and technology in which knowledge of the physical phenomena are ability to design and control devices such as internal combustion engines, explaining that combustion is a chemical process where any fuel reacts with air (oxidant) to produce heat energy, and when the heat energy is relit will also produce light in the form of a flame.

Prof. Olayiwola further explained that, his research focus and contributions to fluid dynamics and combustion theory are: a note on the temperature field of an in-situ combustion, effects of some of the thermophysical properties on the propagation of forward and opposed smouldering combustion, a mathematical model of two-zone structure of premixed flames with variable thermal conductivity and mathematical modelling of the calcination process.

e recommended periodic review of curriculum, qualified staff in universities, robust postgrad[1]uate training as a priority, education and training on fire prevention.

Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Faruk Adamu Kuta in his remark described the lecture as special as it coincided with the University’s 40th Founders’ Day just as it is his first inaugural lecture as the VC of the institution.