To articulate a suitable policy framework that will safeguard the health of all University Students, Staff and eligible Staff relations.


To take care of the Primary Health Care needs of the Students, Staff and eligible Staff relations by National Health Insurance guidelines.

To promote preventive health-care needs of the University Community by ensuring sound environmental health, Immunization and adequate dissemination of Health Education Information.


  • Routine consultation on an out-patient basis
  • Primary curative care on out-patient for minor to moderate sicknesses of Medical, Gynecological, Surgical and Dental origin.
  • Laboratory Services to cover most routine laboratory investigations.
  • In-patient observation for not more than a 24-hour period.
  • Prompt referral of cases that require secondary and tertiary care with adequate ambulance services.
  • Periodic Health Education to the University Community on topical Health issues.
  • Ante-natal care and delivery for expectant members of the University Community.
  • 24-Hour emergency services.
  • Follow-up of referred cases by the visitation of Medical Officers to the patient at the referral facility to assess the progress or otherwise and advise accordingly.
  • Annual Medical Examination for staff on their birthdays following the University’s policy of ensuring that members of Staff “keep fit” at all time and also, to know their health status.
Dr. Taofeek Uthman Director, University Health Services

Dr. Taofeek Uthman Director, University Health Services