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Inaugural Lecture

Inaugural Lectures Series of the Federal University of Technology, Minna

Inaugural Lecture series






Prof. A. C. Ajibade


Geology the Subject of the Future in Nigeria

24th Feb. 2000


Prof. F. O. Akinbode

Mechanical Engineering/SEET

Sustainable Energy Technology For The 21stCentury

26th Feb. 2004


Prof. T. C. Mogbo

Quantity Surveying/SET

Construction And National Integration

15th April, 2004


Prof. O. O. A. Fasanya

Animal Production/SAAT

A Productive Livestock Sector For The Survival Of An Ailing Economy

24th June, 2004


Prof. H. O. Akanya


Retinol The Vitamin Of Life

16th September, 2004


Prof. S. A. Garba


Vaccines: The Solution To The Prevention Of Diseases

12th May, 2005


Prof. V. I. Ezenwa

Science Education/SSST

Concept Mapping A Veritable Tool In Science Education

23rd June. 2005


Prof.r. H. Khan

Mechanical Engineering/SEET

Metal Casting Technology In Nigeria-Present Status And Future Prospects

29th September, 2005


Prof. D. O. A. Adefolalu


Weather Events, Climate Variability And CHANGE In Relation To NEEDS And MDGS. “Problems And Prospects Of The Nigerian Economy”

23rd November, 2006


Prof. K. A. Salami

Industrial and Technology Education/SSST

Emission Control Technology By Automotive Industry: Trends And Challenges

16th August, 2007


Prof. T. Z. Adama

Animal Production/SAAT

Towards Adequate Animal Protein Intake by the Year 2020

24th April, 2008


Prof. M. A. T. Suleiman


The Economic Potential of Natural Rubber Production In Nigeria.

13th November, 2008


Prof. J. O. Odigure

Chemical Engineering/SEET

Quality Of Cement Based Structures: Mitigating Global Warming And Building Collapse

5th March, 2009


Prof. M. Galadima


Parasitic Diseases And The Millennium Development Goals

17th December, 2009


Prof. K. M. Baba

Agric Economics & Extension/SAAT

Irrigation Development And Food Security In Nigeria

1st July, 2010


Prof. J. A. Oladiran

Crop production/SAAT

Striving Food Security In Nigeria: The Role Of A Viable And Vibrant Seed Industry

12th August, 2010


Prof. P. I. Olasehinde


The Ground Waters Of Nigeria: A Solution To Sustainable National Water Needs

16th September, 2010


Prof. O. D. Jimoh

Civil Engineering/SEET

Sustainable Water Resources Management In Nigeria

11th November, 2010


Prof. O. O. Morenikeji

Urban and Regional Planning/SET

Slogenering, Sign Painting And Visioning In Nigeria’s National Development And Planning: Imperative For Good Governance

26th May, 2011


Prof. S. B. Oyeleke


Alternative Energy Sources: The Role Of Microorganisms

11th August, 2011


Prof. M. G. M. Kolo

Crop production/SAAT

The Battle Against The Witch Weed: My Role

20th October, 2011


Prof. S. L. Lamai


The African Cat Fish Culture For The 21stCentury

17th November, 2011


Prof. M. Zubairu


The Future of Northern Nigeria: An Urban Planning Prospective.

31st May, 2012


Prof. E. E. Udensi


Subduing The Earth With Exploration Geophysics: My Contribution

21st November, 2012


Prof. B. A. Alabadan

Agric & Bioresources Engineering

Housing and Food Security; Now and in the Future: Lessons from the Termites

31st January, 2013


Prof. E. A. Okosun

Geology Department

The Traverses of a Strategrapher in Nigerian Sedimentary Basins

16th May 2013


Prof. K. R. Adeboye


Mathematics, Mathematicians and Numerical Analysis: The Bridge and Bridgehead View of Nigeria with Mathematical Prism

27th March, 2014


Prof. N. I. Akinwande


Periscoping Epidemiology and Ecology with Mathematical Tools

12th June, 2014


Prof. I. N. Mogbo

 Science Edu/STE

Good Quality Science Education for Sustainable National Development: Implication for Counselling

21st August, 2014


Prof. S. O. E. Sadiku


Fish Nutrient: The First Class Miracle for All

25th September, 2014


Prof. O. Falusi

Plant Biology/SLS

Plant Genetic Resources and Food Security... Incredible Generosity, Incredible Responsibility

20th November, 2014


Prof. O. Chukwu

Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering/SEET

Stomach Infrastructure, Agripreneurship and our Environment

11th December, 2014


Prof. A. Bala

Soil Science/SAAT

Legumes and Rhizobia: One of Nature's Partnerships for Food and Nutrition Security of the Poor.

9th April, 2015


Prof. N. A. Egharevba

Agric Engineering/SEET

Sustainable Irrigation Development and Management: Master Key for National Food Security and Job Creation.

30th April, 2015


Prof. A. O. Osunde

Soil Science/SAAT

Towards a Sustainable Soil Security in SubSaharan Africa: The Role of Nitrogen Fixing Legumes.

6th August, 2015

36th  Prof. A. S. Abubakar Geography/SLS Hydrometeorology: Enhancing the Capacity for Hydroelectricity Generation in our Homes and Industries 27th August, 2015
37th Prof. B. A. Ayanwale Animal Production/SAAT Dietary Calorie: The Pillar that Holds Nutrition in Man and other Monogastrics. 29th October, 2015
38th Prof. H. D. Olusegun Mechanical Engineering/SEET The Importance of the Small and Medium-Scale Industries in Nigeria. 12th November, 2015
39th Prof. K. R. Onifade Chemical Engineering/SEET The Power of Computer Aided Design Software on Chemical Engineering Process Analysis, Design and Development. 26th November, 2015
40th Prof. Z. D. Osunde Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Product Value Addition for Food Security, Job Creation and Poverty Alliviation. 3rd December, 2015
41st Engr. Prof. B. A. Adegboye  Electrical Engineering/SEET The Electric Power Transmission Line - A Viable Link For Intelligence Transmission 17th March, 2016
42nd  Engr. Prof. S. Sadiku  Civil Engineering/SEET  Role of Mathematical Modelling In Structural Engineering Practice and Its Implications On Structural Integrity  5th May, 2016
43rd  Prof. O. B. Adeniji  Agricultural Economics and Extension/SAAT  Agricultural Extension for Food Security: Implications for Sustainable Development Goals  2nd June, 2016
44th Prof. E. J. Ohize Industrial Technology Education/SSTE Industrial and Technology Education: The Missing Link to Industrial Development 23rd June, 2016
45th Prof. J. N. Nmadu  Agricultural Economics and Extension/SAAT  Evidence-Based Sustainable Agricultural Development in Nigeria Through Economic Modelling of Credible Data. 14th July, 2016
46th   Prof. A. T. Ijaiya  Animal Production/SAAT  “Waste to Wealth: Micro- Livestock Production as a Catalyst for Food (Protein) Security,”  27th October, 2016
 47th  Prof. E. N. Onwuka  Telecom Engineering/SICT  "Cellular Mobile Communications: Connecting the World and Empowering the People"  17th November, 2016
 48th  Prof. R. J. Kolo  Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology/SAAT  “Water: The Engine of Life on Planet Earth and Driver to Sustainable Development Goal”  8th December, 2016
49th Prof. A. A. Jigam Biochemistry/SLS "Malaria: The Use Of Phytomedicinces as Viable Alternative Management Strategy for an African and Third World Tragedy" 15th December, 2016
50th Prof. O. K. Abubakre  Mechanical Engineering/SEET  "Repositioning Engineering Materials Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development" 12th January, 2017
51st Prof. A. M.Junaid Estate Survey and Valuation/SET Housing for The Nigerian Urban Poor: A Reality or A Mirage? 18th May, 2017
52nd  Prof A. S. Ma’aji  Industrial and Technology Education/SSTE  Technology, Vocational Educationand Training (TVET) Providing Appropriate orkforce for Nigerian Economy: Blue or white, Where Lie The Challenges?  3rd August, 2017
53rd Prof. F. Aberuagba Chemical Engineering/SEET Catalytic Hydrocarbon Conversionfor Transportation and Domestic Fuels Upgrade 10th August, 2017
54th  Prof. B. Dauda  Chemistry/SPS  Natural Product Chemistry and Prospects for Transforming Traditional Medicines into Modern Pharmaceuticals
55th  Prof. (Mrs.) J. N. Udensi  Library and Information Technology/SICT  Cultural Information: A Gateway to Sustainable Development in Africa  12th October, 2017
56th  Prof. A. J. Odofin  Soil Science and Land Management/SAAT  Nigerian Soil Resources: The Neglected Base of Our National Development
57th  Prof. U. Y. Abubakar Mathematics/SPS Predictive Stochastic Modelling Of Leprosy Disease, Human Health Condition And Desertification In Nigeria: The Untapped Open Secret Ingredients
58th Prof. P. A. Idah Agriculture and Bioresources Engineering/SAAT The War Against Post Harvest Losses In Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: My Role
59th  Prof. H. A. Makun Biochemistry/SLS  Improving Public Health and International Trade Through Mycotoxin Control
60th  Prof. A. M. Aibinu Mechatronics/SEET  Spiritual Intelligence: Beyond Mechatronics Engineering and Artificial Intelligence  30th November, 2017
61st Prof. B. N. Atsumbe Industrial and Technology Education/SSTE Implementing TVET Towards Employment
Generation and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: The
Good and The Bad
14th December, 2017
62nd  Prof. A. N. Saidu  Biochemistry/SLS  Therapies for Diabetes Mellitus: My Role  8th March, 2018
63rd  Prof. O. J. Oyero  Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries
 Care for Fish Out of Water: A Veritable Post-Harvest Strategy for Food Security in Nigeria  29th March, 2018
64th Prof. A. S. Gana Crop Production/SAAT Plants’ Coping Strategies: Nature’s Gift for Sustainable and Safe Food Production. 31st May, 2018
65th Prof. J. J. Dukiya Urban and Regional Planning/SET Leveraging Advances in Transport Development: To where is Nigeria Heading? 21st June, 2018
66th Prof. Y. A. Iyaka Chemistry/SPS The Fascinating Elements of
Soils: Are You Seeing What I Am Seeing?
19th July, 2018
67th Prof. F. O. Arimoro Animal Biology/SLS Unravelling the Mysteries of Aquatic Biodiversity: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly  30th August, 2018
68th Prof. S. Zubairu Architecture/SET Post- Occupancy Evaluation: A necessary Tool for Architects, Facilities Managers and Other Professionals in the Building Industry

 4th October, 2018

69th  Prof. S. K. Okunade  General Studies/SPS  Reading Nations are Leading Nations: Whither Nigeria  1st November, 2018
70th Prof. E. K. Tsado  Crop Production/SAAT  The end of Crop storage is the beginning of new products  14th March, 2019
71st Prof. G. N. Nsofor  Urban and Regional Planning/SET  Climate Change, Paradoxes and Mapping the Tragedy of the Commons  28th March, 2019
72nd Prof. M. B. Nuhu Estate Management and Valuation/SET  Land Safety: How Secured?  1st August, 2019
73rd Prof. S. M. Tsadu  Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries
African Catfish: A Natural Proteinous Choice 8th August, 2019
74th Prof. M.K.A Adeboye Soil Science/SAAT Labour is for the Farmer, Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition Produce Crop Yields 21st November, 2019
75th Prof. A. Mann Chemistry/SPS Packing into the World of Secondary Metabolites in Plants: A Tool for Building a Healthy and Wealthy Nation. 28th November, 2019

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