Office of the Registrar

New Registrar1The University was established in February, 1983 and the Registry Department, which is as old as the University, was created for the day-to-day administrative running of the University. Since inception, the University have had six substantive Registrars, namely, late Dr. B. P. Sawa (1983 – 1986), Mrs. L.S. J. Ahmed (1988 – 1993), Alhaji U. A. Sadiq (1998 – 2003) and Mallam M. D. Usman (2007 – 2012), Mrs. V. N. Kolo, (2012 - 2018) while the incumbent Registrar, Mr. A. N. Kolo, was appointed in June, 2018.

The Registry Department, consists mainly of the following Units/Divisions with the office of the Registrar at the top of affairs:

(i) Establishment Division
(ii) Academic Office
(iii) Central Administration
(iv) Staff Training
(v) Housing and Passages Unit

The Registry Department also has representatives in Schools and other services Departments in the University, e.g.

Works and Maintenance Department
FUTMIN Ventures
Health Services Unit
Student Affairs Division
Academic Planning Unit
Centre for Preliminary and Extra-Mural Studies
Physical Planning and Development Unit (PPDU) and
Servicom Unit.


Is to prepare the staff for a future of dynamic challenges with relevant knowledge in administration within and outside the University which would meet up with the present and future challenges.



Our vision is to be a world class unit in global administration network, reputed for its services, management excellence and innovative corporate culture.



Registry Department, in line with its universal mandate as the interpreter and custodian of rules and regulations of the University, is a major player in the actualisation of the vision and mission of the University. The primary mandate is to co-ordinate both academic and administrative matters in the University, namely: Admissions, Research, Curriculum Design and Implementation, Gender Mainstreaming, Academic Ceremonies, Staff Welfare and the implementation of rules and regulations of the University.

Accordingly, the Registry Department also provides services to enable the University achieve its goals of teaching, learning, research and public service.



The activities and achievements of the Registry Department as a service unit of the University can better be appreciated in the light of the overall harmonious, efficient and effective workings of the participating teams in the University. However, the following are few of the recent achievements of the Department:

Maintenance of peace and stability which led to uninterrupted academic programme over the years. This enhanced quality service delivery.
Organising and facilitating so many capacity building Workshops, Conferences and Training for University staff across board locally and internationally.
Ensuring high standard of discipline through monitoring and other devises in staff.
Enhancing harmonious co-existence between the University and its host communities, which has enhanced quality service delivery.
Ensuring that only qualified and experienced staff are employed to fill the available vacancies accordingly.
Successfully reviewing the University’s Conditions of Services, Scheme of Service and co-ordinated the preparation of the draft of Unified Conditions of Service and Scheme of Service for the Committee of Registrars of Nigerian Universities (CORNU).
Automating staff records and online application for admission, registration of successful candidates and screening of their results.
The Department produced the highest recipient of the University Servicom Award for Productivity in 2009.
The Department actively facilitated/participated in the success story of the recent institutional accreditation by the National Universities Commission (NUC).
In terms of quality assurance, the Department has lived up to its expectations as the sole custodian of the University Values, Traditions and enforcer of University rules and regulations.

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