Knowing the molecular Heterogeneity of Human Pathogenic Viruses: My Concern and Your Hope.

Professor F. A. Kuta

Wednesday 14 April at 2.30 pm

1000 Seater Capacity Auditorium,
Main Campus, Gidan Kwanu.
Niger State

The field of analytical chemistry focuses on developing instrumentation and methodologies to identify and quantify substances. Hence, scientists who have a passion for analysis are “constantly monitoring”. Measurement plays a pivotal role in our society and impacts all of us daily.

In health, there are many challenges in measurement that need addressing in order to aid our understanding of normal biological function, track the onset of chronic diseases and improve the efficacy of current treatments. From bench to bedside, measurement has a key role in the future within the new era of personalized healthcare and medicines optimization.

Professor Patel will draw on examples from his own research on the development and application of sensors for monitoring signaling molecules in the intestinal tract and central nervous system to understand changes with age and chronic diseases. He will also reflect on how constantly monitoring is just as pivotal to enhance the student learning experience.