By Abdullahi U. Danbakaba
A Professor of Geography Aishetu Abdulkadir has identified climate change and environmental degradation as the twin most complex environmental challenges bedeviling human livelihood and survival in the world today.
The climatology and environmental management expert made this known while delivering the 88th Inaugural Lecture of the University titled “Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Our Common Future” on Thursday, August 19, 2021 at the University Auditorium, Main Campus Gidan Kwano.
The erudite geographer who also expressed concern that Africa is already experiencing more severe and more damaging impact of climate change than other part of the world stressed that if left unchecked, it will reduce agricultural productivity, create conditions for mass hunger and reverse human development.
In a bit to minimize the hazards and enhance resilience across the country for improved human livelihood, attainment of economic diversification, growth and food security, the lecturer advocated for proactive strategies, focusing on the development and institutionalization of structural and friendly environment.
She listed some if the approaches to include afforestation, conservation of land resources, development of more drougth resistant species and adoption of cropping calendar based on scientific findings, rather than the reactive approaches that have dominated risk management across the country.
Prof. Abdulkadir added that Eco-agriculture and Agro forestry should be widely accepted and promoted by the stakeholders as strategies for minimizing environmental degradation, soil amendment, higher yield, food security, poverty eradication, attainment of sustainable development and healthy livelihood.
Photos by Elijah Yisa