Professor Uno Essang Uno

Thursday 30th September 2021

 Mr. Vice-Chancellor Sir, there is hope for a sustainable society if relevant mercenary is put in place to ensure that academic discoveries do not reside on shelves. The three major discoveries in my over twenty-five years of research, i.e. intracloud technology, geothermal energy prospects, and material synthesis may just be an academic exercise if industrialization and commercialization issues are not resolved.

Allow me to conclude how rich our universities could be when 'gown' meets 'town'. The 100 wealthiest universities in the world all have links to synergy with the industry. For example, in 2018, Harvard University is worth $36 Billion, Yale University is worth $27.1 Billion, The University of Texas System is worth $26.5 Billion, Stanford University is worth$24.7 Billion, etc. From my vantage point in promoting technological knowledge, I see a beautiful future for Nigeria. I see a rapid form of development that may be faster than projected if the government play their role to fund research radically.