Professor John Olusanya Jacob

Wednesday 28th July 2021

(i) The danger posed on the environment by toxic heavy metals cannot be over emphasized.

(ii) The negative impacts of these metals on living and non living things in the environment are alarming.

(iii) Most heavy metal pollutions are caused by uncontrolled disposal of industrial and domestic waste materials into the environment.

(iv) Proper regulations, monitoring and effective control of the illegal mining, industrial and general human activities should be put in place.

(v) Attitudinal change and discipline of individual stakeholders in the environment must be monitored and regulated.

(vi) Adequate fund for research, development and sustainability of friendly environment should be provided by all tiers of government.

(vii) Collaborations between all stakeholders and environmental researchers is needed, as a matter of urgency, to save the only habitable planet…

(viii) There is need for deliberate policies to utilize research outcomes to cub environmental and food contaminations.