Professor Remi Ebenezer Olagunju

Thursday 22nd April, 2021

The Federal University of Technology Minna,
Main Campus,
Gidan Kwanu,
Minna, Niger State

Having had all these experiences, most especially with buildings, I have come to the conclusion that there is the need to address as the crisis of maintenance of the building stocks through a wellestablished system. Crucial to this assertion is recognition by the necessary authorities that a crisis does indeed exist, and that an urgent solution is required by thinking in a sustainable way all through our buildings' lifecycle maintenance/care processes. The effect on our economy emanating from dilapidation of our building structures is high and cannot be ignored in the calculations of our wasting wealth.
It is high time to change our mentality in Nigeria that once a project (housing, public building or road) is commissioned, it is believed to last forever and therefore need not to be maintained. As a result of this mentality, most of the buildings in our higher institution campuses, public and privately-owned housing estates and roads owned by the Federal, State and Local Government Authorities are in deplorable conditions. However, Sustainable Building Maintenance is feasible, but depends largely on the leadership and users thinking and activities towards the environment in order to better care for it. I therefore call on the Government at all levels, Unions and Agencies for infrastructure provision and maintenance to wake up and embrace the opportunities derivable from 'Sustainable Building Maintenance with Lean Principles' as presented here today.