Professor Jonathan Yisa

Thursday 22nd April, 2021

The Federal University of Technology Minna,
Main Campus,
Gidan Kwanu,
Minna, Niger State

 The era of environmental dormancy in overlooking the environmental chemical pollution and its effect is over. There is no doubt that chemical pollution has done a fair share of damage to the environment. Therefore, to control the deleterious effects of pollution and to minimize it, the following recommendations
are made:

i. Government should promote integrated waste management with recycling, as well as cleaner technologies in production, and sound chemicals management.
ii. Government and various bodies should create greater awareness and enforcing legislative control measures and policies as to the need to protect the environment.

iii. As a signatory to many Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) , international conventions and protocols, Nigeria should address the sound management of chemicals and wastes to achieve sustainability in "green" economies and ensure the minimization of significant adverse effects of chemical pollution on human health and the environment.

iv. The need for collective responsibility to protect the environment for present and future generations, and adopt sustainable consumption and production strategies so that posterity may commend rather than condemn us.