The Director Academic Planning Unit and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) designate,
Prof. Faruk Adamu Kuta has called for the development of viable indigenous vaccines for the control and elimination of viral diseases that have posed a severe threat to human lives, rather than the importation of vaccines that may not serve the purpose it is meant for.
The Professor of Medical Microbiology made this call while delivering the University’s 77th Inaugural Lecture titled, “Knowing the Molecular Heterogeneity of Human Pathogenic Viruses: My Concern and your Hope,” on Wednesday, April 14, 2021at the University Auditorium, Main Campus, Gidan Kwano.
The lecturer who described viruses as the smallest infectious agents that contain only one kind of nucleic acid (RNA or DNA) as their genome said, unlike bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, viruses do not have cell wall or membrane, cytoplasmic chamber, and ribosome which makes them dependent on their host for survival as they cannot produce proteins on their own.
Speaking further, he explained that viral diseases such as Rotaviruses, Gastroenteritis, Liver cirrhosis/ Hepatocellular carcinoma, Cervical, Breast, and penile cancers can best be controlled through prophylactic measures rather than curative measures.
According to him, viral diseases have brought about socioeconomic distress among developing nations and have hampered effective service delivery, hence the need for synergy between government and non-governmental organizations to fund researches that will target the production of indigenous vaccines.

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